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How a Degenerate Porn and Videogame Addict became A Top-Tier Masculine Development Coach

When I was younger, I was best described as a "man of intention".

I had sincere intentions of doing great things with my life.

I wanted to create a business selling world-changing personal development systems similar to the men who wrote the self-help books I consumed like candy...
The problem was that I couldn't get myself to stop wasting all my time with 
LOW VALUE ESCAPISM and actually BUILD anything!
No matter how hard I seemed to try, I always ended up with my fly down fapping to porn, eyes glazed over sucked into some stupid videogame, or scrolling some mind-rotting garbage online like a brain-dead zombie.

Luckily, I hit a breaking point when I was on the verge of getting dumped, humiliated, and forced to go live in my parent's basement as a totally broke failure...
I decided that I was DONE being a mere "man of intention" and that I was going to become a true MAN OF ACTION!
This set me on a wild adventure that had me not only quitting porn, videogames, and basically ALL escapism, but also had me building a successful online business helping an audience of THOUSANDS of men do the same things.

I put 10 years of blood sweat and tears into developing the BEST systems for helping men unleash their apex potential and now I want to start sharing it all with you FOR FREE. 
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